Starflyer Fans Do Fabulous Stuff

One thing I always loved about sf59 is that it was basically a guy with a day job who does this amazing songwriting and recording on evenings/weekends. Starflyer fans have the same kind of creative ethic and are out there in the world spending their free time making something new.  Check out what Starflyer fans are getting themselves into.

Podcasts/Radio Shows

Marvin Dog Media – Since 2012, MarvinDog Media has been striving to provide quality entertainment/distraction/belly laughs to anyone who will listen.  Shows on toys, cartoons, cereals, TV pilot episodes and Star Wars.  Everything an ‘80s kid could want!

Starflyer 59 Retrospective by Blue Collar Love – – A Starflyer 59 themed podcast by the two dudes who stole my nom de plume.

The Noise Kaleidoscope – The Noise Kaleidoscope airs Tuesdays from 4:30-5:30pm EST on WQRT. 99.1FM in Indianapolis, and streaming online at


Aberrations of Light – Aberrations of Light is an intrusion upon the timeless through ambient guitar lines, loops and drones.

Arms Bizarre – Arms Bizarre surfaced in 2012, making cloudy music in sunny Virginia Beach, Virginia.

the cinder highway – The Cinder Highway has been making friends, enemies, and musical sounds since 2016.

Crazymoney – Indie Rock

Dim Glimpse – – You know those scenes in Faulkner’s books where sketchy things are happening when it’s not quite light enough to see…? That’s the goal of Dim Glimpse …just to sound like those scenes.

Dreadnok Ripper

Echo Broke Alone

Enigmatic Foe – With sharp lyrics, the playful pop bite of the best of the 70s and 80s, and the kind of self-deprecation usually reserved for a Woody Allen movie, Jared Colinger’s lyrics run the gamut from the joy of new love to disillusionment with the old, from wanting to like yourself to being afraid of what we have in our minds.

Even Beams –  http://evenbeams.comEVEN BEAMS is an instrumental musical project, focusing on the intersection of faith and the Space Race of the 20th century.

J Elliot – The songs on the Ding Dew EP are like a drawing on a piece of notebook paper that you love, but you can’t replicate on proper material. They happened in a moment and they were preserved on voice memos.

Joel Julian

Johnny Abes

Joshua Bizarre – Spiritus is a solo project from Arms Bizarre singer/songwriter Joshua Webster. Recorded at home on a Tascam 424 and inspired by bands like Guided By Voices, The Breeders & Pedro The Lion.

Leem of Earth


Mike Adams At His Honest Weight and

Modern Mal – Pacifico is not a band.  It’s an idea.  Pacifico collaborated with Jason Martin on Thin Skin And An Open Heart and Ronnie Martin on Everest.

Quiet Local – Quiet Local has been through the ringer, and the result is the sound of coming to terms with Life, Loss, Grief, and Hope. Songs of anthemic wisdom couched in the rawness of reality . Drawing from the endless beauty of Montana and the surprising sweetness of life, JAD Souza has set out to capture songs about the here and now.  

Red Letter – An exploration into the mind of Jesus, told from his perspective, as he faces his untimely death.

RoadKeeper – Roadkeeper formed in 2018 as a self-produced project that combines a songwriter’s emphasis on lyricism with the soundscape and sense of space of shoegaze and psychedelia. The four-piece core band is one color on the canvas rather than the canvas itself. The group produces songs that are humanist, socially conscious and at times political. 

Sad Piano Covers – – Taking songs which may or may not be sad, and play them on the piano in a sad way, and they sound sad.

Shiny Shiny Black – Married couple with a band and recording studio.

Silent Pictures – California experimentalpsychedelic, shoegaze rock.

Skip Rope Opus – – An indie band that consumes books, music, philosophy, and experiments with low-tech sound equipment between their Central California and Iowa homes.

Tape Deck Mountain – “Shoegaze” project, Nashville, TN via San Diego, CA.

Vamoosery – A unique, female-fronted, progressive rock outfit from Coventry. Vamoosery is passionate about engaging people with distinctive music and energetic performances.

Zero Level


Anabaptist Revisions – Anabaptist Revisions is devoted to all things Anabaptist-Mennonite, including theology, ethics, history, church life, preaching, nonviolence, and more.

Loyd Harp – and

Jonny Spinasanto – Speculative fiction writer

Misha – Agile lyric poems on classical and contemporary subjects.

Together On Two News –  Blogging about music and stuff.


Heart Crate – Comics and a non-profit providing relief to children who have been impacted by trauma by giving them personalized crates of super fun stuff.

Levi Watson – – Abstract nature artist

Mike Slobot – – Robot and music art that is heavily into shoegaze, especially SF59.

SPAGHETTI KISS APPAREL – Otherworldly designs – dragons, skulls, jellyfish, oh my!

Strange and Fantastic Social Media Stuff

Marcel – He’s a baaaaaaad dog.  Follow his exploits on Instagram.