Starflyer 59 project

I’m going to plow through the sf59 catalog one song, one day at a time and share my thoughts. I am no music critic and no judge of taste. There are plenty of other people who can do the music critic shtick better than I could and I will leave them to it.

I’m just going to share whatever it is the song makes me feel, think or remember. I’ve grown up with this band and can mark most major milestones in my life by what sf59 album I was listening to at the time.

I will stick to LPs mostly and will only divert into EPs and side projects as I feel compelled. And so it begins.

4 thoughts on “Starflyer 59 project

  1. Hello there,
    Thanks for these so refreshing posts. JM is a sort of friend even though we have never met. It is just that his music is one of the best things I could find in life.

    Greetings from Mexico.


    1. Mariano, thanks for your message. I know just what you mean about his music. Now that I know I have a reader in Mexico, I’ll have to find some excuse for telling the story about how my mom lived in Mexico briefly in the ‘60s and she dated a communist. Look forward to that one!


      1. Hey, thanks for your response,
        Will definitely be looking forward for that story… (:


  2. This is great stuff, BCL! I’m a theologian who’s been listening to SF59 since that fateful day freshman year of high school when a Christian punk rock friend sold me Americana for $5 in the school cafeteria (over 20 years ago). I share Mariano’s sentiments about JM (though I have met him briefly at shows a few times back in the day). Anyway, your writing resonates. Peace.


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