“Duel Overhead Cam” – Gold

“Duel Overhead Cam” is the first song on Gold which demonstrates the reason why this album is a step up from Silver – nuance. Those palm muted rhythm chords right in sync with the bass drive the song forward with a swagger that nothing on Silver can touch. “Nuanced” is perhaps not a description you would expect of a song that has a screeching guitar that can drill right through your head just before the song’s cathartic release, but compared to the monotony of Silver, it is nuanced.

I’ve been debating on whether the lyrics are about a motorcycle or about boobs. I’m tempted to make the song about boobs as I have more hands on experience with them (See what I did there? heehee, yeah, I thought you would like that). But we will go with it being a love song to an engine. I did some research on DOHC systems in preparation of writing this. In addition to being a coal miner’s daughter, I am a also a mechanic’s daughter (my dad is a redneck Renaissance man). I’m not completely unversed in such things. Turns out DHOC systems were used on Triumph cycles up until the 80’s. Well, there you go.

When he sings “she’s got a hold on me”, I can feel that motorcycle holding me on a deep curve. DHOC engines allowed for faster speeds, more efficiency and higher power output. The downside is that they require more maintenance and have to be re-timed on occasion. But aren’t the DHOC pro’s and con’s true of any relationship that’s worth having?

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